Our Story

VELOUS Footwear was founded in Portland, Oregon by footwear industry veterans with years of athletic and outdoor experience who understand athletes needs, and the importance of recovery from any sport.

Our Concept

After two years of extensive research, testing, and time on the west coast shorelines, the patent-pending Tri-Motion™ Technology and proprietary triple-density Foamotion Formula foam concept came to life.

Tri-Motion™ Technology focuses on each part of the foot strike motion, and integral to this unique concept is Foamotion Formula foam. Our amazing foam formula provides the exact under foot soft cushioning and bouncy bounce your feet need for optimal comfort to restore, revive, and reenergize.

Why the name VELOUS? It fit the concept. VELOUS comes from the word velocity, and means “the quality of movement”. Health and movement is recovery in motion.

“Our recovery solution is game-changing. Try it out for yourself. If you don’t agree, we offer hassle-free 30-day returns.”

Tim Bartels, Co-Founder and CEO