Meet our team of inspiring athletes who trust VELOUS to help them recover and restore between strenuous competitions.

Pictured: Dr. Timothy Mineo, DPM - athlete, and board-certified foot and ankle surgeon.

Stappenebelt Specialized Racing

The Stappenbelt Specialized Racing Team, based in Apeldoorn, is a leading mountain bike racing team.

With a mix of young talent and experienced riders, they strive for success at both national and international competitions.

By using specialized training and high-quality equipment from sponsor Specialized, the team continues to excel in various areas.

Their dedication to the sport is also reflected in their involvement in the local mountain biking community, through clinics and events. As an integral part of Apeldoorn's cycling culture, the team remains a source of inspiration for aspiring riders and a dominant force in the Dutch mountain bike scene.

Carleth Keys

Carleth is a former news anchor turned running content creator living in NYC. After working 15 years in front of the camera, she moved to Madrid with her family to raise her two children. There she fell in love with running when she decided to participate in her first long-distance race: The NYC Marathon, after she and her family moved back to the US. She is now a three-time Boston qualifier and just recently PR'd in the Chicago Marathon! 

As a video producer and content creator for sport brands, she combines her inspiring passion for running and her visual skills to share her experiences about distance running and marathon training. 

Her favorite recovery footwear is the Laguna Slide and Oceanside Flip because the provide great relief after a long run.

Originally from Venezuela, Carleth lives between NYC and Madrid.


  • New York City + Madrid, Spain
  • @carlethkeys
  • Marathon Running, Paddle Boarding, and Yoga
Dr. Timothy Mineo

Timothy Mineo is a foot and ankle surgeon in Portland, OR. He practices at Eastside Foot and Ankle/Pearl Health Partners. He has been in practice for over 12 years, specializing in sports medicine, trauma and reconstructive procedures. When not at work, he competes on an elite level masters cycling team, Dark Horse Racing. He has been racing bikes competitively for 5 years, and had an opportunity to race with Team USA at the 2017 World Championship in Aquabike.

"Laguna Slide - Immediately after each ride, I slide these on to help my feet recover after taking a beating in my rigid cycling shoes. They have been an essential part of my recovery each day and have helped keep me going!"

"Pacific Flip - These are my go-to flips for everyday, feels like walking on clouds. These flips provide so much support and comfort, I can where them all day and walk for miles without any pain."


  • Portland, OR
  • Cycling, Skiing @lifelongathletes
Claire Haeuptle

Claire Haeuptle is a Physical Therapist based out of San Diego, California. She has been involved in sports her entire life starting at a young age in competitive travel basketball, soccer, and softball, then excelling in multiple sports in high school culminating by playing collegiate basketball. Claire is a lifelong athlete, unfortunately, 4 sports- related knee surgeries before the age of 20 nearly sidelined her from participating in the sporting activities she loves. These injuries and subsequent rehabs inspired her to become a Physical Therapist. 

Claire owns and operates her own Physical Therapy practice focusing on one-on-one therapy and recovery in a gym setting. She combines her doctorate degree, strength and conditioning certification, and experience as a PT patient, to provide the best care possible, enabling athletes to prevent further injuries and return to their sports even better than before.


  • San Diego, CA
  • Weight training, basketball, beach volleyball, trail running, rock climbing, hiking, biking, surfing, paddle boarding, and yoga
joey stampke

Oregon's Strongest Man and recent 2022 Strongman National Champion u200! Joey loves how good his body feels exercising, and eating healthy. Therefore, he turned his passion into an education at Oregon State University where he earned his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science. For over a decade he has been competing in strength sports. His favorite sports are Strongman and Powerlifting. For the last 3 years he has held the title of Oregon's Strongest Man under 220 lbs. His goal is to earn a strongman pro card, total over 2,000 lbs in Powerlifting, and open his own training center to help others with their fitness journey.

"My feet take a pounding pushing sleds, pulling trucks, and carrying hundreds of pounds. The faster I recover the faster I can get back to training. I like the comfort of the Velous Laguna Slide which I've made a part of my everyday recovery routine."


  • Portland, OR
  • Strongman, Powerlifting
Åsa Emanuelsson

Åsa Emanuelsson is a Portland, OR wife, mom, entrepreneur and serial long-distance triathlete/trail runner/adventure racer/IPA and Pinot Noir fan. With a background as a serious competitor in cross-country skiing – first in the “homeland” (Sweden) while attending a ski-academy from age 16-20, and later in the US, competing 4 years in the NCAA with her mostly Scandinavian team at the University of New Mexico. With 5 full distance Ironman finishes and a handful of 70.3’s completed, the question is always “what’s next”?

Family: Husband Chad Stokes, children Ethan and Emma, bonus children Hanna and Jake.

Favorite Velous: Laguna Slide. "Obviously before and after athletic events, but also walking the dog, going out to dinner, and just going for a walk in the neighborhood. They are amazing wearing all day on my vacation adventures. It’s like – hmmm, cute wedges or the VELOUS with the dress for dinner tonight..." 


  • Portland, OR
  • Triathalon, Skiing